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    Welcome to School of Petrochemical Engineering at Changzhou University. As one of the oldest school of Changzhou University, we continue our tradition as an institution where teaching of the high quality coexists happily with research that closely follows the frontiers of knowledge. We are committed to giving students the crucial skills and practical experience they need to succeed in an ever changing world. Graduating high-quality engineers is our highest priority.

    Our school offers five undergraduate programs, including Chemical Engineering & Technology, Applied Chemistry, Light Chemical Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, and Energy Chemical Engineering. And we offer eleven graduated programs, such as Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Catalysis and Organic Chemistry. We are proud that our Chemical Engineering & Technology program is awarded the characteristic program nationwide and has been financially supported by the government of Jiangsu Province. And the Applied Chemistry program has grown to be the leading one in both Jiangsu Province and Sinopec group.

    Our 130 faculty members including 38 full-time professors comprise a dynamic and vibrant community of researchers, teachers and scholars. They care deeply about the subjects they study and about the students (1200 undergraduate and 500 graduated) they teach. During or after class, our professors make a point of being approachable and accessible. Research in our school is led by this outstanding and diverse group of faculty members, whose areas spanning organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical engineering, energy chemical science and technology, materials science and engineering, etc. Hundreds of provincial, ministerial, and international cooperation projects funded by governments or industries with tens of millions RMB have been undertaken in recent years, among which over 30 projects are granted by the National Natural and Science Fund of China. More than 200 patents have been filed with more than 70 been licensed. Over 500 papers have been published. A dozen professors have been awarded for their contributions to national- or provincial-level scientific and technological progresses.

    Students and faculties are always encouraged to develop their full potential by optimizing the use of resources provided by three provincial-level labs (Key Lab of Fine Petrochemical Engineering, Key Lab of Green Catalytic Material and Technology, and Biomass Refining Engineering Lab), two basic chemistry & chemical engineering experimental teaching demonstration centers (including one national-level center) and one Analysis and Testing Center in our school. Over 25,000,000 RMB has been invested to equip these labs and centers in a total area of more than 20,000 m2 with advanced instruments, such as NMR, SEM, TEM, XRD, ICP, GC-MS, FT-IR, SFE, molecular distillation, as well as more than 40 sets of independently developed multifunctional pilot-scale practical training platforms.