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Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

Course description

    Inorganic and analytical chemistry is one of the core professional basic courses of College of petroleum chemical in Changzhou University, facing the undergraduate students of chemical engineering, chemical technology and material science and so on. The course is the first professional basic course and also lays the foundation of the following professional basic courses, such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry and principles of chemical engineering. It is not only an important part of the overall knowledge structure of engineering and technical personnel, but also cultivates the students’ science attitudes of strict, careful, practical and realistic, Scientific experimental skills of precise and meticulous. A necessary part of the ability to observe, analyze and judge of the problem. Inorganic and analytical chemistry is the middle school chemistry teaching content and the most direct and close professional foundation course. It is also a major compulsory course of university chemistry. It is an important part of whole knowledge and ability structure of training professional engineering and technical personnel.

The characteristics of Inorganic and analytical chemistry textbook

    Inorganic and analytical chemistry was edited by Ruoyu Chen and Jianfei Zhu, and published by Dalian University of Technology press. This textbook is the panning material of the science of chemistry and chemical engineering of higher education institution. The supporting experimental teaching materials--basic chemistry experiment was edited by Shiping Luo and Ruoyu Chen and published by the Chemical Industry Publishing press.

    The textbook focus on the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical production and fully reflects the engineering characteristics, paying attention to the forefront of the chemical engineering development and environmental protection. And also improve the students' innovation consciousness and social responsibility and highlighting the "student-centered" teaching philosophy. Paying attention to the interface with high school chemistry course and follow-up courses. To help students grasp the university learning methods, improve the ability of independent learning. To strength the basic knowledge, basic operation and basic skill training, and the questions before the experiment improved the he preview efficiency of student, and increase the new content that reflects the engineering consciousness and the consciousness of environmental protection, and the comprehensive experiments and research experiments are also included, laying a solid foundation for the following experimental Courses. 

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