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Organic Chemistry

    Organic chemistry is a basic course for students major in chemical engineering, materials, polymer, pharmaceutical and environment, which focuses on both theoretical and practical teaching. As a compulsory basic course, organic chemistry has now been offered to ten majors, Applied Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Polymer Material Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Safety Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Bioengineering and Light Chemical Engineering. The knowledge of organic chemistry must be acquired for learning the subsequent courses, such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug Synthesis Reactions, Unit Process of Organic Synthesis, Production of Fine Chemicals, Organic Analysis, and Polymer Chemistry.

    The elaboration of organic chemistry curriculum began in 1995, as the key curriculum of our university that is why many efforts had been devoted to it at that time. By 1996, the organic chemistry curriculum had passed the acceptance tests of our university. One year later, it had passed the acceptance tests of China Petrochemical Corporation, which had ranked it as the Excellent Curriculum. Some funds were granted by China Petrochemical Corporation for the further development of organic chemistry curriculum. At the end of 2002, it had passed the re-evaluation of excellent curriculum organized by the School of Petrochemical Engineering. In 2007, the Organic Chemistry was authorized to confer Master degree as the major. In 2008, Organic Chemistry curriculum was awarded as “The First-class Excellent Course of Jiangsu Province” and after one year, the organic chemistry teaching team was named as Outstanding Teaching Team of our university. The staff room of organic chemistry had been recognized asExcellent Staff Roomof our university for four continuous years in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

    Since 2002, the bilingual teaching of organic chemistry (in Chinese and English) had been introduced among sophomore undergraduates. We have achieved better teaching effects through hiring the qualified teachers, selecting appropriate teaching materials and exploring new teaching methods. So far the bilingual teaching of organic chemistry is being extended to the students in School of International Education Exchange, which has contributed to the Internationalization Development Strategy of our university.

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