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Admission Brochure


Admission Brochure


Admission Category

Studying for Undergraduate Degree
One must have gained senior high school degree

Passed HSK3

Studying for Postgraduate Degree
One must have gained undergraduate degree

Passed HSK5

Advanced Students for Chinese language and culture (you can call or write for Chinese language training brochure)

Age requirements: 16 years old to 50 years old

Good character and healthy body






  Application Method and Fee Standards



Application Process

   A. Application time: March 1th to June 30th

   B. Application materials

   1.Email tytyna@cczu.edu.cnfor Application Form for Admission to Changzhou Universityand fill in the contents according to the requirements;

   2. The highest degree certificate of original or a notarized copy; all text should be printed in
either English or Chinese;
   3.Original transcript or a notarized copy, all text should be printed in either English or Chinese;
   4. Postgraduate applicants should provide two letters of recommendation by associate professor(orabove the professor title);
   5.Postgraduate applicants should provide a research program ranging from 800 words to 1000 words;

   6. Copy of passport.

  Note*According to different requirements of the applicant projects, we will require students to submit other more material.
  * The above material is not to be sent back regardless of you admission result.

   C. Application method
  Email the application material to the following address; or email scanning copy one the following address through internet.

Fee Standard
   1. Registration fee: 400 RMB
Registration fee is fundable for those register on time.

   2. Tuition: ( Notetuition standard is subject to the university tuition standard out that year
                Undergraduate: Arts 14000 RMB/ year

                                          Sciences 16000 RMB/ year

                Postgraduate:    Arts 18000 RMB/ yea
                                          Sciences 20000 RMB/year
      Chinese language and culture:18000 RMB/semester,15000 RMB/ year
Note: Every year the school will provide a certain amount of scholarship,
and the scholarship penetration rate is as high as 45%.
   3. Accommodation fee: per person 9000RMB/year (double room),per person 16000 RMB /year (single room), including furniture, appliances, network and kitchen. Bedding is on your own preparation, or you can buy it through the school purchasing agency.


    We will review the application material based on the comprehensive situation merit, and inform you within one month with the detail admission. Admission notice will be sent before the middle ofAugust and JW202/JW201 visa application form.


Time of Enrollment
    September 15th to 30th (Accurate enrolling time is subject to your
letter of admission.)


    The applicant should register according to the given time with verification of passport,
letter of admission, health declaration and ten one-inch half-length,photos and tuition fee.


Contact Information
Ge lake No.1 road, Wujin district, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China,
Postcode: 213164
Telephone: 86-519-86330208

Fax: 86-519-86330500